Indo Board - Balance Training Gem

indo balance board

Skateboard and surfing enthusiast Hunter Joslin designed the first Indo board proto-type in 1975 so he could further develop his skills on dry land. 23 years later he brought it to the commercial market. Indo means indoor- But what's somewhat surprising is this board has a massive fanbase outside of the intended audience. Back on ... Read more

Tabata Workouts Are No Joke

Tabata workouts can and probably should be incorporated into a bodybuilding training plan, especially for the core. It's not so much a workout in itself but a style of training. High intensity interval training is not new to the fitness and bodybuilding world, and neither is it to this site. That's exactly what a Tabata ... Read more

Is Swimming Good For Long Lasting Weight Loss?

Swimming is tough. Unless you are really good at it. The water is kind to your body. A swimming session burns a heck of a lot of calories. The butterfly is closely followed by the breaststroke in terms of being the biggest calorie crunchers. Swimming has many benefits and these are exponentially raised when you ... Read more

Aquatic Resistance Training With Swimming Weights

So what exactly would you use swimming weights for? Aquatic resistance training. These are great for all kinds of aquatic fitness and can make you excel at water sports like water football, water volleyball and even underwater hockey. Pool weights are great for building your strength up and are used in aquatic classes and underwater ... Read more