Ancheer Treadmill Review

The Ancheer is an entry level treadmill which is garnering a lot of positive attention for the features its provides in the budget sector of the home treadmill industry.

It has an automatic incline (15% gradient), Bluetooth connectivity and the console connects to the FitShow app (fitness app with maps, competitions, street view running tracks).

Not many treadmills pack such a punch in this price range. Whilst the motor does not use constant horsepower which is standard on higher quality treadmills, 3.25 HP is enough to let you reach the top speed of 9 mph.

9 mph is a good speed for people who want to jog fast, without the need to break any world records. A fast paced marathon runner will average 10 mph, elite level runners can go between 12-13 mph.

Trying to keep that speed going over distance is tough. If this is what you need from a treadmill this model is not for you.

Good For Family Fitness Without A Hefty Price Tag

This machine is a good all rounder for individuals or families that want a little more options than manual incline treadmills offer.

Using the automatic incline slope takes the need for going fast away as incline training adds more intensity to workouts. You can burn more calories in less time with an incline ramp, plus it tones the heck out of your thighs, calves, and hamstrings.

The treadmill has 12 programs to work through and the monitor displays your basic stats (heart, time, distance, calories) in real time. Heart rate is measured by pulse sensors on the handles, which are quite notorious for their inaccuracy.

This treadmill is quite light, at 102 pounds, this can prove to be a problem with sturdiness, but still it manages to be strong enough to accommodate users up to 300 pounds in weight.

Whilst this treadmill only currently syncs to a very basic fitness app, you can provide your own music from your smartphone, provided you plug in an auxiliary lead from the headphone jack. Not exactly deluxe, but better than talking to yourself.

Points That Can Upset Users

On Google play the reviews of the FitShow app aren’t exactly glowing. Many couldn’t get the app to sync to the treadmill, and the aren’t any cooldown segments built into the modules on the app, so you have to manually adjust the treadmill for this.

Motor is basic. This is more of a heavy diesel chugger than a Ferrari.

Treadmill deck is on the thin side, so the cushioning and longevity won’t be A Grade.

9 Mph speed limit keeps you from getting fast runs or intermittent sprint work in.

Belt is on the small side, measuring 47.2 x 17 inches. Short belt length and width can leave extra tall users with very little room to play.

Monitor is not full color, small and very basic.

Nice Features

Treadmill folds easily with a soft drop hydraulic system, good for fingers, toes and floors, and even your back.

15% incline, great at this price

If you are short on space you may appreciate the lightness and footprint of this treadmill. It measures 60.4 x 27.6 x 48.8 inches, and when stored this compact spacesaver goes down to a nimble 55 (h) x 35 (L) x 28 (w) inches.

The belt is very slim but it features multiple layers of EVA Composite, which includes waterproof, shock absorption and sound dampening membranes.

Whilst not out of this world it provides a basic level of joint protection and a degree of bounce.

Why Is This Treadmill Getting So Many Good Review?

People who have bought the Ancheer are leaving positive reviews and this is why they have said so.

  • Very responsive speed adjustments
  • motor is very powerful
  • simple to assemble
  • so easy to fold up
  • motor is very quiet
  • feels very strong and sturdy
  • has dual cup holders
  • running feels very smooth
  • For customers with issues Ancheer customer service have been really nice and prompt to deal with
  • one negative that comes up is that although Ancheer say the gradient is 15% in reality it is not as high as that.

Final Say

As the buyer reviews show this treadmill packs a decent punch given it’s price point. The cushioning and top speed won’t do for anyone who wants to run faster, and who demands high levels of comfort from their machine.

For home fitness enthusiasts this is a much better first time treadmill than the extremely well reviewed Cadence.

The warranty is a little better than base level models $2-400 price point, with 12 months for the frame and motor.

Where this machine excels is with the 15% automatic incline, which you will never get on treadmills several hundred $ cheaper than the Ancheer. It’s seems the Ancheer is cheap and cheerful.

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