Ancheer Pro Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Do you love cycling or just can’t get outdoors that much? The Ancheer M6008 is a pro indoor cycling bike that has a lot going for it, especially it’s price.

There are a lot more sophisticated and technological advanced bikes out there, such as the Schwinn Airdyne Pro or the torturous Assault Fan bike, but these bikes are not always for true fans of stationary bike riding, and besides they cost more that 3 times the price of the Ancheer.

Those two bikes mentioned above provide total body workouts by incorporating handlebars. This Ancheer is a pure cycling bike. You can train your upper body to some degree on spin bikes like this which you can read about further down the page.

This comes with a 12 month warranty which also includes free replacement parts. Not as good as with more expensive bikes but that doesn’t stop this bike getting almost perfect review marks from customers. You can’t receive higher commendation than from satisfied owners.

Small Dimensions And Weight

If you are struggling over what you should buy for your home gym, dimensions should play a part. This bike is very strong, made of heavy duty steel, and it is also compact. It won’t take up a lot of your floor space measuring just 42.9 in (L) x 18.9 in (W) x 43.3 in (H). The handlebars are 17.7 in in width.

The bike is suitable for anyone up to 275 lbs in weight. It weighs about 60 pounds and the assembly is straight forward, it comes almost prebuilt with only a few screws to tighten.

It also has transport wheels so you can easily move it in and out of use when needed.

Are Spin Bikes Like This Just For Lower Body Work?

Spin bikes are excellent for cardio. You can achieve fantastic levels of fitness and develop a strong lower body. They can also tone your arms, shoulders, back and core, especially as you stand up on the pedals to ride higher when you ramp up the resistance dial.

You can also burn more calories on an exercise bike in the same time period on a treadmill. You have to push yourself though, and keep up the tempo and depending on your fitness this may not be possible.

That is one reason many people enjoy spin classes. The intensity is high, and if you stick with it long enough to get over any fitness deficits, it will certainly reward you.

Compared to slow steady state training you can burn more calories on a treadmill especially if you get an incline treadmill, but these are 2 completely different animals so it’s not an easy comparison. It depends what you like enjoy more. This is so small that home gym enthusiasts could easily fit both into their homes.

Resistance is very fluid and quiet as it is provided by felt pads. If things get too fast there is a jerk free instant stop brake to push just below the handlebars.

The bike is operated with a belt drive system which attaches to a precision balanced flywheel. This offers smooth resistance and quiet, next to noiseless operation. Lots of owners have reported watching TV as they cycle away as the bike hardly makes a sound.

Built For Comfort

Surprisingly even on long workouts the extra wide heavily padded seat is very comfortable. It measures 9.8 in (L) x 7.9 (W) in. Made from leather the height and seat angle can also be adjusted, backwards and forwards, left to right. The non-slip foot pedals also have adjustable straps so whether you have wide, or thin feet you can suit to taste.

Why Are Buyers Loving It?

Here is what satisfied owners are saying about this exercise bike.

  • Pedal motion and resistance is very smooth
  • Seat and handlebars are adjustable and very comfortable
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Very sturdy
  • Very quiet – flywheel damping is great
  • Good for fast sprints -Bike doesn’t wobble at high speed, even when you stand
  • Looks fantastic
  • One road cyclist said the bike was excellent for time trials, as the handles would adjust to the correct position
  • Good for hill climb training
  • Feels like a really expensive piece of kit
  • A 6 ft 6 inch user with a 36 inch leg said it fitted just great
  • One family said this safe form of exercising made them fall in love with fitness
  • Comparable to what you’d find in a pro gym or health club
  • Road bike users found the transition to this so easy and comparable

Where Ancheer Is Lacking

The non-color LED monitor offers very basic information. It is small ( 3.9 in x 6.3 in) so not a lot of information could be seen anyway. It lists the basic stats, time, distance and speed, scan and calories burned. Speed is measured in mph. There is no bpm monitoring.

If you are stuck in a dungeon and need some visual stimulation you can attach your phone to the handlebars with the supplied bracket.

The resistance system is provide by felt pads, they will eventually wear just like rubber on bike brakes. Perhaps even quicker if you are applying constant resistance. As this is a relatively new product there isn’t a lot of feedback on this yet.

Final Say

If you want a stand alone exercise machine for cardio, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Exercise bikes have minimal input as they have little moving parts. Longevity will not be a big issue with this machine as it is so sturdy.

This Ancheer exercise bike is compact strong, smooth and comfortable. It should cost a lot more than it does. Quality that won’t break the bank, what’s not to like?

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