Is Extreme Hardcore Bodybuilding Dangerous?

Let’s clarify the reason for this site. First of all i put this site together for people like myself who train hard, sometimes too hard for our own good, almost training with the same ethos as pro level athletes, but without the backup- coaches, financials, daily resources, “clean drugs”….well actually no drugs.

Before getting into this article, watch the video where former pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski (BPak) talks about bailing out at the height of his career, and the reasons for doing so. A thorough life analysis and risk assessment should be carried out before assuming a pro level bodybuilding career.

As the video clarifies Ben’s position on hardcore bodybuilding changed when he had children. And not even the first child, but his second 9 months after his first child was born. Here’s the thing, life changes your priorities. Age changes your priorities. Experience changes your priorities.

Ben’s attitude to training full bore didn’t even change when he met his first wife. As he says his “current wife” – I’m sure he’ll get a slap for that if she ever watches the video. He was so obsessed in chasing his Olympia dream he didn’t care if he died 10 years after he won his title.

What he is admitting is that the bodybuilding lifestyle at the pro level requires extreme measures, when taken to these levels it will drastically shorten your life. Now this article is not going to list all the recent deaths in the bodybuilding world, but the fact is no matter what some idiot as Ben calls them in the gym will tell you, this lifestyle will kill you early.

Ben’s priorities are similar to all ours when we are younger. It’s the do-or-die attitude, without too much emphasis on the what is we die part. Forget about Arnolds 5 Rules for Living motivational speech- bodybuilding is selfish. MMA is selfish. Business is selfish. Almost anything we ever hope to obtain in the sporting world is selfish. Arnold got away with it because he accomplished most things when he was young. Before he settled down.

Many guys I know take steroids in the gym. Many say they don’t drink or smoke weed so taking a cycle is the same as having a blast of alcohol each weekend. Then many i know do everything, steroids, prohormones, alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy…party boys and gals. An absolute cocktail to physical, spiritual and psychological suicide.

Too many people want the Instagram – instant- bodies. They want the extremes. They will say they have found Phil Heath’s “stack” on the internet, or the stack that took Shawn Roden from 5th at the 2017 Mr Olympia to 1st in 2019. Or the steroid mix that put Dwayne Johnson back on the map.

Absolute bull. You will never hear what these guys are actually on, no matter what the internet says.

Plus you will never have access to the same high quality gear these guys are on and the doctors and medical teams behing these walking chemical risk takers. Yes performance enhancing drugs will always be at the forefront of professional bodybuilding. But people taking steroids for the first time should only take the minimal amount and progressively increase.

What I am seeing in my gym and know from reports all over the country (and can see with my own eyes) is that young men and women are taking massive doses of steroids, sometimes even more than professional bodybuilders. Not only will this shortcut gains after the initial explosion, but it will lead to the body needing higher doses to harness the same gains again.

Not only is there the initial high that quick and enormous gains produce, but it places a psychological and physical dependence. This is extremely negative for someone who got into bodybuilding for the wrong reasons. To fulfil a need they were missing. To receive gratification, plaudits, satisfy their ego, make up for absent father figures, to fill a God shaped hole in their lives….

The problem is this. Even with or without drugs we all want the same things. That perfect body, that instant body. We all have such extreme goals, because we need to achieve, we can do it. That’s the mindset. We may have life and families to do, but we must achieve our dreams. We can work around and through everything.

Life will fall into place around us. We must compete against everyone, people younger – our experiences, drive and willpower will defeat them. Other people on drugs – our persistence, savvy training routines, knowledge, training programs we pay for and exceptional training execution will defeat them all.

We must achieve our dreams….and then what..achieve some more?


I’m not denying that training with weights will generally make you live longer as this study by Jennifel L Kraschnewski shows. Yes living longer is great if you are healthy. But the key is living. Do you intend to live or just exist?

Do you really need to achieve that dream if it breaks up your marriage. Or alienates your children. Is the only thing you ever talk about related to your interests? Gyms, training, fitness….

That’s a bit rich coming from me, the owner of this site, but everything has to be put in perspective. Saying everything needs to be done in moderation just opens you back up to doing everything and anything you want without impunity or accountability.

I used to think i would be a MMA champion, competitive powerlifter/strongman or a Mr O bodybuilder. Or all of the above. My goals/dreams kept changing. I was constantly burnt out. Now i realize it’s ok to have dreams but you also have to do life. I don’t need to be constantly putting myself under pressure, i can change my goals.

I can also not have any goals, and do what i was put on the earth to. To provide for my family and bring glory to God. With all the accomplishments the human race has achieved, what have we really achieved? The world, injustice, poverty, greed has only gotten worse in my opinion.

The recent lockdown has not created a better, more peaceful or tolerant society. Rather the opposite in some cases.

I believe a man is born, dies and then is judged. It’s the bit of what we do in the middle, the living, this is what determines the judgement. If you don’t know what that involves I suggest you start here.

[You can also read what the bibe says if anything about weight loss here.]

Bigorexia Is A thing

Bigorexia or muscle dysmorphia is a condition which bodybuilders have that makes them feel small no matter if they are 350 pound mass monsters. It can also make guys feel unhappy no matter what size or condition they can get in. its the opposite of anorexia basically.

The downside of this is also taking massive amounts of steroids, way above safe doses that professional Mr Olympia competition bodybuilders would take, and this can only lead to serious health conditions or early death.

If Covid-19, world politics, the state of society has taught us anything, it is that life is just a breath here, which could be taken at any time.

Yes training is good for your health, but too much health, too much fitness is bad for your health, your life, your family, your concentration levels, as it robs you of being in the moment in life.

That’s why – yes you know what’s coming next –  perspective is essential. I was going to say “everything” but that would turn this post into a 7 rules for your life style article.

C’mon people, c’mon marketers, c’mon pinterest and instagram, stop coming out with the mantra BS –  7 hacks to help you…….find perspective (lol).

Keep training short (hiit style fitness and weight training)

Keep it on topic

Enjoy life

Enjoy your family

Don’t be afraid to change your…..