Indo Board – Balance Training Gem

Skateboard and surfing enthusiast Hunter Joslin designed the first Indo board proto-type in 1975 so he could further develop his skills on dry land. 23 years later he brought it to the commercial market. Indo means indoor– But what’s somewhat surprising is this board has a massive fanbase outside of the intended audience. Back on Terra Firma, Jiu Jitsu Champion, World Record holder, and Marine Robert “COZMO” Consulmagno – hails the Indo as the secret weapon that improves his balance and explosive strength.

This board was designed for surf fanatics and surf fitness coaches, to get boarders prepped before hitting the mainstage. But today the Indo board is endorsed by hardcore athletes, elite performers and rehab specialists.

This particular balance board has captured the hearts of strength and fitness athletes and coaches who aren’t seeking to catch a ride on the silver surf. It is a fantastic tool to improve stability, posture, agility, balance, coordination and core activation. The carry over to everyday life is huge. Balance training will compliment any functional strength and fitness you are doing in the gym.

What are the benefits of using an Indo board? Got ankles that give out or your are prone to over flexing your spine on the squat? – build strength, flexibility and agility on a balance board. Want to get in and out of the hole better when you’re sparring in the gym? You know the answer- improve your balance.

Red Alert

The first thing you’ll notice about the Indo Board is the warning written right across it’s face-

Use At your Own Risk

Just like the public health announcement stamped across cancer stick packets – it’s there for a good reason. Don’t go gung-ho unless you have the balance of Tony Hawks or you’ll face-plant into unconsciousness. It certainly helps to have a spotter behind you once you get on for the first time. It is unforgiving on a hard surface, unless you are an experienced skateboarder or surfer. Amusingly Indo have a warning on their site warning against the hazards of mixing the board while under the influence of Alcohol – I wonder why 🙂

A carpeted or soft surface is recommended, although Indo have now mitigated some of the risk by announcing the pro flo cushion, which reduces the height (and speed) to fall from the roller to a flat cushion. If you are extremely challenged with balance, tight knees or ankles i would definitely start with the floCushion.

The Benefits of Surfing Fon Non-Surfees

if you don’t intend to surf or skateboard or are not too familiar with wakesports (wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing) the benefits of balance training for every day life are many. Balance training targets the same group of muscles that are activated during active surfing. Maintaining exceptional balance, alongside proper breathing, posture and a bit of skill is what makes surfers pros at what they do. It allows them to slide through the water, guiding their board with nuanced quick torso twisting movements as they initiatively track the frenetic impulsive ever changing movements of the waves.

balance board training for surfers
not ready for Mavericks yet?

Surfers do a lot of moves on the board that translate to gym exercises. Think of pop ups, these resemble push ups, which carries across to upper body strength, core activation, shoulder, back, tricep and chest strength. Lot’s of the fundamental movements in functional key exercise that carry over to everyday that surfers use are squats.

To keep standing on the indo board you have to position yourself in a squat stance. Think more of a deeper knee bend, whilst keeping the torso in an upright position. Then to hold the position relax the diaphragm and breath, roll side to side and you’ve got it. Now try to lower into a deep squat on the board for the ultimate balance and coordination challenge. If you’re new have something to grab in front of you or get a spotter behind you- and a crash helmet or mattress if you’re really scared!

indo training boards

Why Personal Trainers Crossfit Athletes Love the Indo

The Indo has become one of the staples with coaches at the forefront of fitness such as MMA, Crossfit, gymnastics, wrestling, track and field and snowboarding. It’s their secret weapon for improving strength, co-ordination, footwork and balance. Yes and not to forget about the original intended market – surfers!

Personal trainers, in particular, have acknowledged the benefit of the Indo Board as an extraordinary addition to the workout approaches, especially pointing out the importance in sports segments like balance training, core fitness, patterns of proper movement and kinetic chain stability. Those who have tried and stepped on this board will instantly feel their core muscles being engaged, making them stronger and stronger with every other practice.

What’s Unique About Balance Training?

Who doesn’t want a stronger core? A strong core is the secret weapon behind power. Strongmen need an enormously strong core to protect their backs. If you lift heavy your core is your bodies natural belt. A strong core envelopes your spine and prevent those delicate ligaments and discs. If you lift heavy a strong core will protect your back from popping out during heavy squats and deadlifts.

If you have been troubled with lower back injuries developing a stronger core is the answer. If you are involved in combat sports, a stronger core increases your punching power. Bruce Lee famously said his power comes from his core.

If you are an endurance athletes, improving your balance allows you to push yourself over longer distances whether that be on a bike, in the water or on a track. If you run in trials or on the open road having a strong balance gives you the edge over bumpy terrain. Your nimble footwork and improve ankle strength will allow you to navigate bumpy and unstable terrain with greater ease and fluidity. This gives you an edge over the competition.

How does the Indo board & Roller work?

Indo boards are rocker-roller boards. The wooden deck board is placed on a molded plastic roller that allows the board to rock sideways and up and down. Straddling the roller is extremely challenging. Naturally it is much smaller and wider compared to the traditional surfboard. These two pieces are what creates the fabulous Indo Board – a great solution for any home, outdoor or indoor training.

The board itself is used with a thick rolling pin, which helps it achieve a “see-saw” effect. Those who use the Indo Board, place the oval-shaped board directly over the rolling pin, trying to maintain their balance. This is not the only way of using the Indo Board, but the main characteristic here is that it integrates core fitness and balance challenges.

The material used to create the deck is high grade Baltic Birch. You also have to love how they describe the roller that sits under the board- it’s made from indestructible molded plastic. So in theory it should withstand a nuclear bomb, an earthquake and your dog using it as a chew toy.

Indo Board Dimensions

The Original first emerged in 1998. The minimal 30 x 18 inch oval deck comes in 11 different colors and as of right now it can be 6 bundled with optional addons- like the gym bag, flo cushion, foam roller system and deck.  The roller has a 6.5 inch diameter which is perfect for the board. Not too big, not too small.

It can support a hefty 350 pounds of bodyweight.

Why should anyone outside of surfing use one of these?

This balance board has found for many activities outside of board work on water. The type of activity it was originally aimed to improve is so beneficial to lots of other sports and daily activities.

From a fitness perspective, staying on top of the Indo board and performing lateral movements increases the heart rate. At the same time, balance is improved as well as lower-body joint and muscle strength.  For co-ordination, the Indo adds a sense of self in space, which many think is a key thing in the injury prevention and rehab process.

The Indo board can also replace endless hours of traditional gym exercises like planks and Single-Legged Deadlifts.

* Indo Board improves balance in an almost identical way as surfing

The main benefit of the Indo Board is to improve the balance of your body, which is done by the proper activation of a multitude of muscles including your core. By learning how to adjust your centre of gravity, you will experience better performance in any sport that you practice, as well as tone your body, strengthen your abs, and develop better posture.

The deck and roller is great if you do intent to surf or skateboard as it allows you to drill cross-stepping and perfect your stance.

* Indo Board builds stronger core muscles

The core has some of the most important yet under developed muscle groups in the entire body. Strengthening and improving them can increase your gym lifts, enhance your free movement range and agility. Not only from an athletic side, but a strong core is also very important for a healthy back.

* Indo Board builds stronger leg muscles

Although there are many different leg exercises that you can use for different leg muscle groups, the Indo Board caters them all, at once. The perfect balance begins within leg stability, which means that steady and strong legs are the foundation of a strong body.

* Challenging yet fun exercises

Gym exercises, can get boring. No matter how experienced or creative you or your coach is after some time the repeated use of the same exercises can bring boredom and monotony. That’s why adding some balance training in now and again, can spice up training sessions. Plus you can be as creative- as you like with your movements. Trinity Lewis – Acrobat, Unicyle and Slackline aficionado uses Indo boards to develop his free flowing balance movements in a safe manner, before he straddles suspended ropes in mid air.

Indo Pro Range

For those with experience or who want a more advanced balance training kit – the Indo Pro Series supersizes the standard board to a larger level. The non slip coated deck measures 42 x 15 inches wood deck (standard is 30 x 18 in). The roller is also enlarged to 8.5 inches.

The pro series is better for taller riders or longboard surfers as it allows for a wider foot stance. Ideal for cross-step practice and attuning balance.

Into Wakeskating?

If you are into wakeskating there is also a board for that to improve your performance called the KickTail Pro. It measures roughly the same as a wakeskate at 40 X 10 inches. There is also a smaller mini version. The Kicktail isn’t just designed for wakeskating- it’s dimensions make it ideal for perfecting wakeboarding, kitesurfing and snowboarding. If you want to become an elite rider, this board can take you there.

This Fun Product Is Trusted & Loved

Check out the verified reviews by Trustpilot on the company website. You’ll find many people from surfers to downhill skiers to fitness freaks, have been using their boards for years. It certainly gets the endorsement of the surfing and sporting communities with the word “love” mentioned in countless endorsements.

* Indo Boards is your faithful companion

Since it is small, compact, and practical, the Indo Board is easy to carry around wherever you go. If you travel, go to a weekend or a vacation, and you do not want to miss out on your workout, the Indo Board will not take space into your suitcase. It is light so that it can fit into your backpack and it is durable. Made out of special and high-quality material, Indo Board can sustain heavy weight without compromising its original shape and properties.

The next time you book a skiing, surfing or waterskiing vacation, get plenty of practice on your Indo beforehand.