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Hi and a very warm welcome to X Boom Fitness!

I started this site as I came back to fitness in my mid to late thirties & now I’m in my forties. I’ve struggled through many challenges and continue to update my learning through paid programs, instructional courses and memberships to elite fitness coaching programs with the industries leading lights and experienced professionals (retired bodybuilders, health and fitness and mobility experts).

ed's home gym

On this site I’m sharing plenty of techniques and tips for Generation X and Baby Boomers to reclaim and retain their shape. I have a vested interest in people in this age group as I have plenty of experience battling against time, motivation, pain and spinal injuries.

This site is ideal for anyone in their 30s and 40s + beyond, that wants to get back in shape, and achieve effective results without wasting their time on stuff that doesn’t work. I have tried scores of workouts, strength building, hardcore bodybuilding, mobility, cardio, and even self defensive routines over the last decade.

I also have rejoined an MMA gym, after first getting involved in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu in my early 20’s. After an 18 year lay off, you certainly have to make some mental and physical adjustments to hold your own against flexible, injury free people 20 years your younger.

Even if you don’t intend to take any self defense, or fight style classes, you can still marry these exceptional fun and simple techniques into your exercise and strength building routines. And NO, there will be no bowing or Zen meditation.

On this site you can expect to see less of crash diets, mystic yoga routines and impossible workouts, and more practical tried and tested and imaginative routines dealing with pain, mobility, psychology, posture and stuff that actually works! You will also find a healthy mix of exercise machines and training gear being reviewed on a regular basis.

X Boom Fitness is for mere mortals like you and me who are sick of all the hype in the fitness industry that just doesn’t cut it for busy individuals with families and work schedules reducing their time and motivation. This site was put together with the latest advice available from science, and experience and not just inflated opinion.

You will see many reference links to scientific research studies throughout the site which back up and further explain the research findings mentioned in the articles.

Site Contributors

Adam Reed has a BSc Hons in Sports Strength & Conditioning.

Adam Reed

He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about strength and conditioning and you can see many of his articles throughout this site, where he brings his expertise and passion.

Many of his workouts can be performed at home.

Ryan Crawley is a former state Wrestling champ, a personal trainer and also a published journalist. His writing is always on top form as he has a Masters in Reading & Literacy. Married to a doctor, she always makes sure his facts are not ‘bro-science’.

He trains clients in his impressive large home gym, where he has amassed years of wisdom, and experienced every imaginable question from clients looking to know how to shred this, or build that.

He has written for Olympic Muscle and Two Rep Cave.

He has also quite an impressive physique.

Ryan Crawley Journalist & PT

Following his workout advice can help you achieve your goals.

Onwards and upwards,

Eddie Eastwood, X Boom Fitness Founder

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