BXT116 Results Series Treadmill Review

If you have around $1.5k to invest on a treadmill you are getting into luxury territory. You have left behind all the pretenders and there is a wealth of treadmills you can choose to fulfill your fitness goals. Could the BXT116 from Bowflex be one of them?

Let’s find out.

This treadmill has a lot going for it in terms of the engineering warranty and it’s in built specifications. Fort a start you can run at 12 mph and the gradient goes up to 15%. The motor is very strong at 3.75 CHP and the machine also folds. If that all seems like this is a stat based review list, that isn’t the case.

I am just trying to say that not few other brands offer so much in this price range with the same generous warranty. The frame is covered for 15 years. But what seals the deal is the 15 years on the motor and 5 years for mechanical and electronic parts. You also get 2 years parts and labor costs.

Not only are you getting one tough powerful treadmill, but the warranty is there to back it up. Nothing like paying out for an expensive home treadmill than once it gets over the 12 month mark the warranty is up. That year will go fast, and 12 months is not long enough for your peace of mind.

Bowflex have certainly not scrimped on the design, they have put in larger 2.75 inch rollers which is more like the size you find in commercial gym machines. They are designed to stop the machine flexing when you run. They will prevent the motor and bearings from overheating.

They ensure the longevity of the machine, and it’s one reason Bowflex can safely (in terms of their financial security) offer such a long warranty.

The durability doesn’t stop there neither. They have used 3 ply gauge rubber on the belts. The belt will get the most wear and tear on the machine as this is most frequent contact point.

This belt is maintenance free (no lubrication needed) and toughened to last for years of repetitive use. If there is one thing a good treadmill has to do, is to withstand constant repetitive revolutions. This is what this treadbelt has been engineered to do.

The belt measures an adequate 20 X 60 inches. You have 2 feet practically in width and 5 feet in length.

The machine also folds and features a soft drop mechanism which will prevent the machine from crashing down on your nice flooring or feet.

If you need to check your ceiling space it measures 84.6 in (L) x 36.3 in (W) x 55.2 in (H)

Track Your Workouts Online

You can track your workouts online with the free Bowflex Results series app with the bluetooth enabled console. 4 users can log their stats. For those of you who also want the interactive training that has revolutionized the treadmill industry, you can use the RunSocial App.

It currently has 19 running trials across the world which simulate running through coastal areas, national parks and marathon courses. You have to pay for each route which cost between $1.99- $9.99 each. Unlike iFit you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription.

You can run against computerised opponents on RunSocial, but it isn’t the same as having live video footage from an interactive coach. That is why the console screen is smaller perhaps on this treadmill, you don’t need to watch HD videos on it, because the option is not there.

Comfort Deck Suspension Shock Absorption

The 3.75 CHP motor is powerful enough to get you up to a pacy 12 mph, even up hills. That experience is made better by the comfort deck suspension which provides a soft (though not oversoft) landing for your feet. Good cushioning systems like this protect impact strains on your joints and this is a competent system.

Workout Choice

Built into the console, there isn’t a great deal of workouts to choose from, only 9. For those of you who like variety you can also run the machine in manual mode. For variety in terms of visuals, you will have to use the RunSocial app, and that will incur extra costs, not a lot ($1.99-$9.99 a route), but still more money to spend.

As iFit is not an option on Bowflex treadmills you are limited to what the treadmill has and what you can do with RunSocial. I always like to run on manual mode when using the treadmill so it’s no biggie to me, but if you want to be spurred on by your own fitness coach the T 8.5 from NordicTrack has this and similar specs to this treadmill.

Burn Rate Console

Bowflex deem their display a “Burn Rate Console” as it shows how many calories you have burned every 60 seconds. They also use this on their stair stepper and elliptical hybrid machine, the Max Total, part of their Max Trainer range.

Is this not the reason why treadmills were invented?

To shed pounds and increase fitness. They are going back to basics with this treadmill instead of going gung-ho on the interactive training approach.

Where The BXT116 Lacks

The next treadmill up in the Results series has a larger display console and is only a few hundred more expensive.

No iFit Integration, this is between iFIt and Bowflex, and until they sort it out the option may drive customers to other brands.

Nice Touches

15% incline- at this price bracket this is exceptional. Great for toning legs and burning more calories in shorter time

12 mph top speed- fast marathon runners hit 10 mph so this is good for sprint work and high speed work for fitness enthusiasts.

3 speed fan good for when the sweat glands are about to kick into overdrive to cool you down

Massive 375 pound user weight capacity, safe treadmill for users who want to downsize

USB charging port to keep your devices powered up.

Water bottle and media shelf storage.

Powerful Motor

Fantastic Long Warranty on Essentials Like Motor and Parts

Final Say

The BXT116 punches well above it’s weight. It has the best in class warranty, combined with a pacy 12 mph top speed. You can burn more calories by pushing the incline up to 15%. No other treadmill in this price bracket offers all these options.

For no-nonsense training and longevity this treadmill is a no brainer if it’s in your price band. It is very good and miles apart from cheap low warranty casual treadmills. If you want to train a lot it has the components to last and offers very comfortable running.

If you need the motivation from never ending Google Maps/iFit routes, plus their online coaching sessions you should check out the T Series from Nordictrack.

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