Ancheer 2 in 1 Desk Treadmill Review

Walking is one of the safest ways to get fit. It is one of the least taxing activities to do but with busy lifestyles not everyone has the time to do it. That’s where a treadmill desk like the Ancheer 2 in 1 comes in, it allows you to go walking when you have time, even as you work.

You can get up to jogging speed as well as this doubles as a flat treadmill desk or jogging machine with safety rails.

We like the Ancheer brand at X Boom Fitness. They are cheap, well reviewed and as their name suggests, cheerful. They always pack a lot of top rated features into their exercise machines and offer them at affordable prices.


When using it in walking mode there is a 4 kph max speed limit, which makes sense you don’t want to crash off the back when talking to a client or totalling up your accounts.

When you raise the rails up you can put it in running mode and the max speed rises to 12 kph (7 mph). This not going to allow you to run extremely fast, but you can get up to jogging speed, or speed walk, which actually takes a lot out of you.

According to the Calories Burned website fast walking burns between 250-350 calories per hour. If you are interested in counting your steps there is an integrated pedometer. This is useful if you are working away and using it under your desk. It’s very easy to lose track of time, so it’s nice to step how far you have walked.

You also get a read out for your speed, time, distance and the calories you have burned. A remote is included which lets you adjust the speed.

Running Mode

Jogging speed is approximately 4- 6 mph and the 2.25 HP motor offers you plenty of power to keep the belt turning smoothly for mile after mile. The walking or jogging width you have to play with is 16 (w) x 40 (L) inches.

The assembled dimensions of the machine are 52 in x 27 x 5 inches. It comes with detachable hand rails, you can decide to install them or leave them off with the click of a latch.

Expect extreme comfort for mile after mile as the belt is made up of 7 layers which provides plenty of shock absorption and includes a waterproof layer on the top surface which ensures plenty of grip.

There are large side rails on the back which you can quickly step onto if you are in walking or jogging mode.

On top of the engineering features the treadmill includes a Bluetooth connectable speaker with enhanced 360 degree sound clarity. No need to bring your own headphones to your workout.

A bracket is included for your phone or tablet, so you can watch YouTube or listen to Spotify and have it blasting out of the integrated speaker.

The treadmill only weights 75 pounds so you can easily bring it up the lift to your office space or apartment. It also has transport wheels on the underside which make it a cinch to move around your room. Just watch your workmate doesn’t pinch it when you are at the photocopier.

A 12 months warranty which includes free replacement parts is offered, and quite frankly the treadmill is designed to last and won’t take a pile of abuse from walking or jogging. Given the price point the warranty is pretty good.

Why Are Customers Liking The Ancheer Folding Treadmill?

  • easy to assemble
  • easy to fold
  • solid construction
  • good for small rooms
  • quiet machine
  • good for seniors
  • quiet enough to watch tv in background

Anything Bad You Need To Know?

The treadmill comes with a vial of lubricant. Depending on whether you find this annoying or not you need to lubricate the belt after every 40 hours of use. It is in your best interests to do this to prolong the life of your running deck.

Final Say

This is a good treadmill for anyone who wants to get a workout in as they work. If you want to use it in jogging mode or just to walk fast the option is there. Just lift up the rails and off you go.

This is great for anyone who doesn’t need or want to sprint or do high paced interval training on the treadmill. You would need to pay a lot higher to get the same comfort and quality in a treadmill if you want to run.

Running has its own problems and can be sore on your joints. For seniors or anyone who wants to lose weight in a safe fashion this is ideal. It is definitely not for anyone who wants to move fast or do competitive running.

It is suitable for anyone who is overweight and wants to lose the pounds in a safe manner by walking or lightly jogging. For anyone who wants the safety of the home due to age, health, weather or mobility problems, this can be a valuable asset.

For the workaholics and those with busy lifestyles walking whilst you work can boost your health, instead of just overloading you with stress. For sofa surfers you can even store it under your feet and clock up the miles whilst you catch up on TV.

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