Bowflex BXT216 Results Series Treadmill Review

The Bowflex BXT216 is the next model up in the Results series. It costs a few hundred dollars more and is built on the same impressive technology. Your money pays for all the good stuff in this range except the items get upsized.

This is exactly what the price difference gets you.

The belt has 2 extra inches in width (more feet and elbow room), and the monitor gets a 2-inch enhancement, from 7.5 to 9.5 inches. The motor has moved from an already powerful 3.75 to an even stronger 4.0 CHP. The max weight limit goes up 25 pounds to a hefty 400 pounds. Built in workouts go from 9 to 11.

The base model (BX116 reviewed here) is already a strong contender in this price bracket. Unless you like the appeal of a bigger monitor and engine the BXT116 represents excellent value for money, complimented by a best in class warranty.

The warranty is exactly the same for this model, but it still excels and offers you the comfort that you have a frame and motor which is backed for 15 years. As this treadmill can get up to 12 mph and has a 15% elevation, the long warranty displays Bowflex’s extreme confidence in the strength of the motor which is the backbone of a good treadmill.

A dead motor equals a lifeless unresponsive treadmill. Once you make a speed or incline adjustment it will be immediate, without lag.

Parts and labor costs are also guaranteed for 2 years which means you can happily clock away the miles on your treadmill without that niggling what if it breaks down thought playing around in the back of your mind.

You can keep all your focus on your intense workouts which you inevitably can achieve on this machine. A 12-mph top speed is something middle to long distance runners will appreciate. The average fast marathon pace is 10 mph, so this gives you a nice cushion over that if you want to also incorporate HIIT style sprint workouts into your training.

If you are an elite distance runner something like the 3G Cardio Elite will be more suited to your training as the top speed is 15 mph.

Some Reasons To Invest In A BXT216 Treadmill

Maintenance free toughened belts- the belt is made up of 3 layers of ply. This is designed to prolong the life of the belt which will receive constant repetitive use over several years. This belt also requires no lubrication which saves you from lots of frustrations and entanglements.

Strong Motor – 4.0 CHP is a lot of horses to power you through intense workouts without a fuss.

Designed for longevity- this machine has 2.75 inch diameter rollers which prevent the motor, belt and bearings from overheating.

3 speed fan prevents YOU from overheating.

USB charger port available to power your devices. Also includes an auxiliary port for playing music from your device and shelf to hold magazines or tablets.

Machine also folds which will save you half it’s width. A unique soft drop feature which uses gas shocks to slow the treadmills descent, ensures the treadmill does not slam down on your nice floor or fingers.

A wireless heart strap is included to enhance bpm monitoring. Pulse grip handles are also available but they aren’t as accurate as telemetry straps.

Burn Rate Console- every minute your calorie consumption is displayed- good for anyone who is watching their weight and even better for those who are using calorie tracking apps. Stats can be exported via Bluetooth console.

RunSocial app integrates with treadmill- can incorporate up to 19 runny trials into your training. Treadmill will match speed and incline to suit terrain. Virtual races are also available.

Comfort Tech deck cushioning provides a kind running experience for your body by eliminating joint and bone impacts.

11 workouts are included which offer a bit of variety. You can also run in manual and the options are limitless based on your imagination.

Other Options If Sore Joints Are a Problem

Treadmills do not offer a zero impact workout like elliptical machines do. Bowflex has a party piece here though, the legendary Max Trainer. It combines a stepper and an elliptical together. See our review here. The workout is close to zero impact and it also burns 1.5 times the amount of calories that a treadmill does in the same time span.

If you have nagging injuries a hybrid machine like this will allow you the benefit of short intense HIIT style workouts, without the pains in your bones and tendons.

Is This A Good Investment?

The technology and durability this machine offers at this price range is very appealing. The warranty is a deal saver. The only competition that offers the same technology, top speed, elevation combined with the long guarantee, is it’s younger brother the BXT116.

The only thing to decide is whether you need the larger screen, increased weight capacity and the motor. You can live without the 2 extra programs.

If you need a bit more accountability with your treadmill training, and in particular someone to spur you on, you may miss the interactive features iFit offers. For that, and a similar treadmill NordicTrack is the brand to go to.

If you don’t need iFit you have just found a treadmill that smacks of quality, longevity, gets up to a great speed and has the ever so precious long warranty.

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