Natural Ash Wood WaterRower Machine – Will This Float Your Boat

You’re a one of a kind original. So why settle for a run of the mill rowing machine when you could own a fine piece of equipment that’s as unique as you? Let’s face it, there are dozens of different makes and models of rowing machines and most of them have a look and feel that’s almost identical. And then there’s the Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood With S4 Monitor.

Build From Natural Hardwood (Ash)

If you want something that’s both a quality piece of equipment and dramatically different from everything else out there –  the Water Rower is for you. Instead of a cold steel frame, it’s made from solid hardwood, something that looks and feels much more natural.

Get Closer To Nature

And here’s what really makes the experience of rowing on a Water Rower distinctly different from anything else you’ve ever seen before. It’s the natural “swooshing” sound of a  paddle cutting through water that the Water Rower creates. If you want to replicate the real world rowing experience as much as possible – this is perfect and may be the best choice you could make in the rowing machine marketplace.

The Work of Genius (with a love for rowing)

It’s smooth and quiet and the Water Rower provides self regulated resistance. But it’s the fact that the rowing experience on this machine feels as close to real world, rowing in water experience as possible. It’s a brilliant concept executed quite well.

If you simply want to get a workout out in at home and you want to do it at least in part with a rowing machine – this particular might not be the best match for you. But if you’re a rower who likes to be close to nature, this as ideal an option as you’re ever going to find.

I don’t know a lot about the history of the Water Rower. But clearly, this is a rowing machine that was designed and engineered by someone with an intimate knowledge and appreciation for the full on ‘rowing on water’ experience.

Who “Wood” Have Thought?

The frame is constructed of solid wood – in this case, ash – a strong and resilient hardwood known for it’s durability and strength. And ‘wood’ is as natural as it gets. It’s an excellent material for absorbing vibration and sound (unlike most metals) and it looks great in any room – almost like a another piece of furniture.

Hey, if you ever want to get conversations started, leave this machine out in your living room the next time you have guests over. It’s almost guaranteed to get people talking.

It’s A Workhorse

Overall, the size of the Water Rower natural rowing machine is as follows: 84 inches wide by 21 inches high by 21 inches deep. And it weighs in at 117 pounds. But it also folds up. So you don’t have to worry about the rower permanently claiming it’s full in-use footprint.

Incidentally, this is built with dual rails for added stability. I’m sure that’s what makes it stable. It also comes with corner wheels for better mobility and a frame that folds to stand upright for easy storage. And get this -weight capacity on the Water Rower is up to 1000 pounds – hundreds more than major competitors can offer.

Standard rails will work for those with inseam measurements of up to 37 inches. For people with longer inseams, you can purchase as an option, an extended rail set that is sold separately. But the standard size will suffice for 98% of buyers – maybe more.

Rowing Reigns Supreme For Getting Fit

Rowing is an excellent exercise and is in some ways a better alternative than a treadmill. It works the whole body and has less of a negative impact on your joints than running, jogging, or even walking on a treadmill at a good clip. And you can get your heart rate up there – so it’s really good for you as a cardio conditioning tool when you use your rowing machine in a regular and consistent basis.

Moves Water – Not Air

Water has a big design on this rower as the flywheel and paddles are encased in a water tank. Perhaps this even adds a bit more legitimacy to the rowing experience. One thing it does do is provide resistance that is smooth, quiet, and natural – just like paddles gracefully gliding across the lake.

Unlike most rowing machines, this one you won’t find any movable parts that will break down over the years. Neither the pulleys or the belt never need maintenance or lubrication of any kind. The one bit of maintenance that might be required is to tighten up the bolts over time, every once in a while. This is required simply because wood is a natural material that shrinks and expands as it reacts to changing moisture conditions.

Smooth and Consistent

Just like rowing on the lake, when you increase your speed and paddle faster on the Water Rower, you increase the drag and resistance. Paddle slower and your resistance is lowered. Your only limitation as to hitting your top speed is your strength and fitness levels – which will increase over the months as you continue to work out with your Water Rower.

The seat glides smoothly and effortlessly along the dual rails – without any jerking motion. As you pull on the handles, you’ll notice how smooth the strokes are.

Rowing in general commands a smooth and continuous movement and you need a machine that is up to the task. On that note, the Water Rower certainly delivers with its naturally-fluid smooth motion. The brand claims that it works 84% of your bodies muscle mass to help strengthen and tone your muscles, while burning calories at a solid rate. What’s not to love about rowing?

Rowing removes the bodyweight from your joints. so your stiff ankles, achy knees, and rigid hips can catch a break! But rowing lets your muscles and joints work in a low-impact fashion – so you get a complete unrestricted plane of motion and a whole body workout.

Monitor Your Workouts

The built-in S4 monitor shows intensity levels, heart rate, stroke rate, distance covered and the workouts duration. It also captures the workout zone and displays it on the zone bar.

Whenever you are looking into a new product like a piece of exercise equipment, it’s important to get the best value for your money that you can. In that regard, you want a piece of equipment that’s well made. And there’s no better way to ensure quality than to not just purchase something made in the United States – but handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and women.

Practical and Functional – Yet Made From Wood

The Water Rower is handcrafted out of solid ash. It’s rugged and built to precise specifications and it looks like no other rower on the market.  When you get a rowing machine like this one, rest assured you’ve got one that none of your friends are going to have. So feel free to gloat, if you must. Then, get onboard and start working out again.

Ash is a long-lasting and dimensionally stable type of hardwood – so it’s the ideal raw material for a rowing machine. Wood used on these Water Rowers comes from forests that are replenished for sustainability.

The end product is hand-finished with Danish oil to provide a nice luster. It’s also a finish you can easily reapply as needed without requiring anything more than a can of Danish oil which is readily available at Lowe’s or Home Depot and a rag.

What About The Warranty?

There’s a standard 12 month frame warranty and the same on the components. But that’s if you don’t take the time to register your purchase. Water Rower will automatically upgrade this to a five year frame and three year component warranty simply by registering the product.

This item happens to ship out in two large and somewhat heavy boxes. One is long (to hold the  wooden rails) and the other is more of a square box that holds the water tank and the surrounding parts, including the display monitor and other components.

What’s In The Boxes?

– Water Rower rowing machine
– Digital monitor
– Instructional DVD for workouts
– Siphon for adding and/or subtracting water
– Chlorine pills to keep the water fresh (this is very important and these pills do a great job)

You can set up your Water Rower anywhere – as long as you have a level floor. Rubber bumpers are supplied on the bottom of the legs, so a mat might not  be necessary, although it really depends on your floor.

It’s Mobile and Stores Easily Too

Moving this rowing machine around a room is easy. Those built-in wheels make it a breeze when you need to maneuver it around a small apartment or condo. You simply lift up the lighter into the machine and roll it on its wheels. And it folds up, making it easy to store it away when it’s not being used and you need to conserve space. When you stand up this machine, it occupies less than a 2 foot by 2 foot area making it a perfect option in tighter quarters.

Think carefully about what you really want in a rower. If what you seek is a quiet, comfortable experience that feels more natural – the Water Rower may be just the ticket for you. One buyer claims it provides a Zen-like rowing experience. And that’s not something you’re likely to hear about any other rower on the market.

Workout At Your Own Level

While it runs smoothly and quietly, adjusting the intensity, pace, and duration of your exercise is easy on the Water Rower. To ramp up the intensity level, simply row harder and faster. You can also adjust how far you lean forward and back during your stroke. As your fitness level increases, the Water Rower grows with you. This makes it a sound long-term investment.

You can also increase or decrease the level of resistance by changing how much water you put inside the tank. It’s calibrated to work out of the box with 17 L of water. But you can adjust this level up or down to suit. Add more water and you increase the resistance up to the maximum.

Aesthetically, the Water Roller is the nicest looking rowing machine we’ve tested. I have no doubt that it would look good in any home, since the oil-finished ash makes it look almost like a piece of furniture.

What Buyers Like Most About The Water Rower:

– Attractive, original design for a rowing machine
– Stores easily when not in use (and saves space)
– Quiet, smooth operations when compared to other models which use air resistance (so you can row at virtually any time of day or night without disturbing others)
– Proven way to get low impact cardio exercise
– Beautifully handcrafted rower
– Quality and workmanship is evident
– Lightweight and not difficult to move out-of-the-way
– Made in America (unlike may competitors)
– Fast and efficient customer support at Water Rower
– Doesn’t require special tools for assembly
– Cables and seat function smoothly without any grease or lubricants
– Very stable base and a solid frame
– Space usage is quite efficient

– Sound it makes is soft and naturally soothing

– Great for apartment dwellers and condo owners (because it doesn’t make much noise and it folds up easy to move around as necessary)

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like:

– Some squeaks can develop (but these can usually be corrected by tightening the bolts)

– It’s not inexpensive

Should You Climb Aboard or Hop Out?

The Water Rower gets our highest recommendation – along with the Concept 2. Both are excellent – though completely different rowing machines.

Start rowing on the Water Rower and the sound you hear is a swooshing sound – kind of like what you’d hear on a bright summer’s day as your oars cut through the water on the lake. Noise levels are lower than other machines  and the fact that you can store it out-of-the-way, makes this an excellent option for smaller homes or rooms.