NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

NordicTrack are a world leader in the treadmill industry. Known for incorporating iFit and going beyond the treadmill’s limits and adding in advanced interactive workouts. All combined with fantastic engineering.

It’s not hard to see why their T Series range gets high ratings on Amazon.

Meet The T Series

The T series was launched at the start of 2019. They were brought in to replace the C series. The C series have garnered average-good reviews across the board from treadmill reviewers and also directly from the public. (Check Amazon for example).

NordicTrack launched immediately with 4 models. Prices start at $899 for the entry level T 6.5 Si, the T 7.5 S is $999, the T 8.5 S is $1399 and the top line T 9.5 S is $1799.

NordicTrack complete T Series Treadmill Line

Naturally the specs increase inline with the prices. All T models have one-year subscriptions to iFit and incline ramps which go hand in hand to provide you exciting workouts with hilly terrains, instructors and even classes to keep you motivated and involved with your fitness regimen.

The library of workouts on iFit is vast, I’m sure you’ll settle on a few in the 16,000 strong database. Factor in the yearly cost of $396 once your free year is up.

Once the 12 month subscription is up you can still use the treadmill without iFit.

NordicTrack treadmills are toys for grown ups. They are like your favorite gadget. Like all good gadgets they have fantastic engineering and contain enough entertaining features to keep you engrossed whilst you slog away on the running deck supercharging your fitness.

Life can be a drag on basic level treadmills. Not only is the engineering and running experience subdued, but once the going gets tough it’s you, the treadmill, and your will power.

The reason most people get a home treadmill, elliptical or a home gym is due to the convenience. Convenience does have a price though. Familiarity can lead to boredom. This is where interactivity triumphs.

Combined with iFit and Google maps and a personal instructor, you can teleport (i know it takes a little imagination but the visuals help) yourself across the globe to any exotic or even harsh climate.

Instead of taking the usual route why not hike up the hilly Pyrenees terrain of the Col de Menté, or take a blissful trip around the shores of The Maldives?

Running around your favorite cities using Google street view is a lot more appealing than standard flashing treadmill graphics.

What’s the point you say? Well the trainer dictates the speed and gradient slope so you have no option but to keep up. These workouts simulate running outdoors, and if you have a problem keeping motivated, let the instructors and the graphics keep you alert and engaged.

Not only that, but your workouts actually become enjoyable. You can stay holed up in your basement like Rocky only as long as your motivation lasts. Plus when you want to you can still go hardcore. It’s nice to have the option of choosing your own workout or going with an iFit module.

Great Engineering Across The Full T Series Range

All 4 treadmills in this range have commercial rated motors and tread belts (running decks). The motor is naturally one of the essential components of the machine, there is nothing as bad as a clattering noisy motor that struggles to keep up with your pace.

Not only can you get up to a running pace on each machine, each motor is responsive and has enough torque to power you up your incline at top speed.

Naturally the base level T 6.5 Si model has reduced specs. It elevates to a 10% incline and the top speed is 10 mph, the rest go up to 12% and top out at 12mph. Not a world of difference though.

Inclines are great as they shorten the workout time. Great if you want a quick HIIT style blast. Research shows that you burn more calories as you go further up the incline gradient.

This makes sense as your lungs and legs have to work harder to push you onwards, and your core and upper body have to work hard to stabilize your body.

All machines use Nordic’s patented FlexSelect TM Cushioning. This type of cushioning will shame the basic shock absorption features you get on cheap treadmills. If you plan on using your treadmill a lot you do not want to risk blowing out your joints.

When you run on a treadmill you strike the deck quite hard. With this repetitive motion you can cause a lot of impact damage to your knees, hips and ankles. This comfortable cushioning system is designed to protect your body from absorbing that damage.

The entry level treadmill unfortunately does not have a fan. Naturally it has the smallest motor, but it does have an adequate 20 x 55 inches. The other 3 more expensive treadmills have a 20 x 60 inch running track.

The base model has 20 built in workout programs, the rest a whopping 50. Combine that with iFit and you will have more than you can possibly ever need.

Right across the board there is a 300 pound max user capacity.

The T6.5 may not go as fast or a high as the rest but it does have a 10 inch smart touchscreen monitor with nice high definition imagery. iFit workouts and scenery look really impressive on it.

Begrudgingly NordicTrack have taken out Bluetooth audio connectivity on the T6.5. Suppose they had to try and justify the price spike across the rest of the range.

The next model up (T 7.5s) has a smaller 7 inch version of this touchscreen.

If you are an engineering geek, you will be pleased to know all 4 of these treadmills have 1.9 inch precision balanced non-flex rollers. That mouthful means the innermost treadmill parts like the bearings and the belt will be spared damage from motor and belt heating and the treadmill flexing as you run.

One touch controls also make sure your treadmill respond quickly if you want to override any of the preset workouts or the iFit programs.

The T series does not include a decline feature like the Commercial series which goes down to 3 degrees. This feature has been designed for anyone who likes to incorporate deceleration training, but it is also useful for following Google map routes when the territory changes to downhill.

T Series Footprint

All treadmills sit at approximately 73 inches from base to console. Around 6ft, but allow 10 inches lift from the running deck if you want to check your ceiling height. You should be able to accomade even low ceilings unless you are a giant.

All treadmills fold up vertically, (easy lift technology handles the weight) so once you are done with your training you can reclaim your space. This will reduce aprroximately half it’s width. Ideal if you have your treadmill in a makeshift workout area.

What’s The Point Shelling Out For The More Expensive Models In This Range?

Like all things in the world, companies sell you on the engineering. Pretty good across the full range. As are the warranties. The higher up the range you go the motors get a little stronger and the range topping T 9.5s (review here) has a whopping 14 inch smart high definition touchscreen.

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