NordicTrack T 9.5 S Review

The T 9.5 S is top line model in the NordicTrack T Series. This range includes 4 technologically advanced models which you can get an overview of in this post.

This treadmill is not cheap by any means, but if you want gym quality in your home, and great features, without having the wear and tear of 1000 other people using it, it will provide you years and years of comfortable running and supreme entertainment.

Did I say entertainment? Yes I did, and unashamedly this is what you get with this treadmill. Entertaining features go hand in hand with smartphones and even our cars these days, so there’s no wonder treadmill designers have incorporated them into the console.

These features are not gimmicky neither. They provide you with the inspirational tools to keep you going for longer in your running sessions when the going gets tough. They also supply your training dungeon with some nice visual ambience.

The 9.5 s has a massive 14 inch smart HD touchscreen which makes iFit workouts a dream. You receive a 12 month membership subscription with your purchase, and it really makes the most out of this machine, there is no point having one without the other.

After the initial 12 months is up iFit costs a hefty $396. But if you want a heavy duty treadmill chances are you’ll stretch the budget for this.

Monitors are getting larger on treadmills, but I don’t know if they will continue on their ever increasing trajectory as it will compromise the design and safety aspects. I wouldn’t want anything much bigger than this. The Commercial 2950 has a massive 21 inch monitor but to me that’s too big. See here.

I don’t need to feel like I’m at the cinema or working off a large computer screen in the office.

Under The Hood

This treadmill is made of stern stuff. The DurX™ motor is rated at 3.6 continuous hp (basic models have 1-2 standard horsepower). It is based on what Nordic call a smart response drive system. Meaning once a speed or incline change is called by you or an iFit workout it happens immediately without lag.

The motor also self cools, this will dramtically improve it’s life. It’s also vibration free, so you won’t feel any annoying pulsations through your legs as you hit top gear.

Only the commercial series by NT has more powerful motors. They go up to 4.25 chp. So they aren’t exactly much more powerful. They get exactly the same size of running belt as well, 20 x 60 inches.

The only thing different the commercial series has going for it, is that it features a 3 degree decline. If you like running downstairs that maybe the one for you.

Many people think a decline slope is a gimmick. It is used as another feature to attract buyers who like to spend more money perhaps. It is trying to replicate deceleration training. Where basically you have to slow yourself down when running down hill by applying more force into the ground.

In reality you can’t apply the same force into a treadmill as you would a hill as it has flexselect cushioning which is designed to soften the running experience so you don’t get injured. The real world doesn’t have cushioning, unless you are running through a fluffy meadow or on some impact protection blacktop.

This machine also goes up to 12 mph and has a 12 percent incline ramp. You will be able to run flat out up a decent sized gradient. Inclines cause your thighs, calves and hamstrings and even your glutes to work that much harder, not too mention your heart rate and lungs.

It’s nice to have this option than not. On some treadmills there is a manual incline and you have to get off the treadmill should you wish to put it up during your workout. What’s the point in that?


One criticism across the range of all Nordics treadmills is that for the money there are other brands that offer larger running decks. There’s no denying that the engineering and running experience is top notch, (which is also uniquely displayed in their elliptical range) but one wonders is this a cost saving feature, or are these treadmills consciously being designed to have a smaller footprint than some of their competitors?

The weight capacity is 300 lbs, not ideal to larger individuals.

Want To Take Part In A Circuit Class?

This feature may not be for everyone, but it shows what you can do with a specialized Nordictrack iFit coaching session. You need a set of dumbbells but not to use on treadmill. (There are enough treadmills fail videos already on the web).

Select a strength workout class for example and it will involve a treadmill route as standard. Next your instructor will signal you to get off the treadmill and perform some resistance training exercises with dumbbells and also some strength training reps using your bodyweight.

This is good if you want to not solely rely on your treadmill for your fitness. You can read about how strength training protects your bones and helps you strip off body fat as you age.

Will It Fit Into Your Home?

It measures 78.9 in (L) x 35.5 in (W) x 59.4 in (H) . It will fold up vertically (requires no effort with easy lift technology) to reduce half its width space.


The warranty is average for a product in this price bracket with a 2 year year part and 1 year labor warranty. 10 Years is also available for the frame.

Voices From The People

Here is what owners say about this treadmill on the shopping sites online. As well as the iFit integration owners lovely the visual track feature that shows you how long of your route you have got left.

The variety of workout options built into the machine gets a notable mention as does the fan. A 4 hour assembly time was noted by several customers with a few wishing they had paid the assembly fee. Sometimes there are promotions with free assembly on this model.

Should You Purchase or Avoid?

If you want a high spec treadmill and don’t want to pay over $3000 this is a great entry into commercial model territory. As long as you are under 300 pounds in weight. The treadmill does come up short here for heavy users.

The 3.6 chp motor is good enough to power challenging iFit workouts, especially if there will be more than you using the treadmill in your home.

Many treadmills now have higher gradient slopes but you will pay a lot more for this feature. 12 degrees is enough to challenge all but seasoned runners. For this you will have to look at Nordic’s commercial series which go to 15 percent, in reality not too much difference.

In summary this is a competent all round machine in this price range for those who want a no fuss responsive treadmill, who want good but don’t need pro level features.

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