Teeter EP-560-EP-970: Are They Better Than Cheaper Rivals?

Some inversion tables have done amazing things in terms of relieving back pain in thousands of ordinary peoples homes. They are providing a better quality of life for anyone than suffers from chronic pain and can’t go to the physio each time they have vertebrae issues.

There is only one brand that is FBA backed however, and that is Teeter.

Their products are at the expensive end of the market, when it comes to inversion tables, but apart from the official Government backing, they have incredible reviews on all big box websites. The people have voted and they say the EP-560 does exactly what it should.

The EP-560 is approved by the 510(k) FDA registration to help alleviateback pain, disc degenerative disease, disc herniations, stenosis (curve) of the spine, facet syndrome and general muscle pain and tightness.

It features a contoured bed with acupuncture nodes which can attach onto the table bed for trigger relief therapy. These are sold separately and quite honestly acupuncture is not my thing and inversion tables work fine without it.

The hanging alone decompresses the spine and allows the nerves and discs a little space. Many people report hearing pops in their back as crammed discs and nerves free up when gravity allows the spine to stretch.

Safety First

Teeter inversion tables carry the coveted UL mark which means they have passed intensive endurance and rotation testing. The last thing you want when trying to find some relief for crippling back pain is your table to collapse during mid rotation.

13 Minute Assembly & Interactive Tutorial App

Assembly is a cinch as the unit comes pre assembled and Teeter claim it can be done in 13 minutes. The BILT assembly app can be downloaded which includes 3D tutorials. Now that beats dodgy half written instructions from non-native English speakers. There are only 6 screws to put in and the main parts click together.

Not For Everyone

Inversion tables are not for anyone with glaucoma, high blood pressure or with heart disease or cardiovascular problems. Lying upside down slows down the heart beat and dramatically increase blood pressure. Anyone with arthritis, osteoporosis or other degenerative back issues should consult a physician before using one.

In lay terms inversion tables can gently help re-align the bones of the vertebrae, and stretch the back muscles in a safe manner.

You have to be between 4ft 8 inches to 6ft 6 inches to use Teeter tables. It supports anyone up to 300 pounds in weight.

When you aren’t using it it will fold to 20 in x 28.8 inch x 66 inches.

Teeter EP-970 Model Better For Lower Back Pain

The EP-970 model is better for lower back pain as it features a long ankle lock handlebar. This is much better for locking the ankle supports and unlocking them. It makes dismounting so much easier and kinder on your back.

After you re-align and stretch out the spine the last thing you should be doing is decompressing it again by bending forwards to release your ankles. With the longer handle it takes away the need to hunch forwards.

What Are Customers Saying?

One customer who has bought several inversion tables upgraded to the 560. He said the table is so much better than the cheaply stuffed vinyl versions by cheaper brand names. It’s strong and doesn’t squeak.

Other notable mentions were

  • very attractive
  • sturdy build
  • ankle supports mold to your feet providing superior comfort
  • precisely balanced tilt – feels like floating on air
  • relief from disc issues even at lowest settings of 30 to 45 degrees
  • good for mid-back thoracic injuries
  • relieves pinching sensation between discs

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