Pooboo Exercise Bike Review

With a cute little name like Pooboo you’d expect this to be a tame little spin bike. Not so. This is one sturdy beast, it has a max user weight of 330 pounds which pays testament to that.

The resistance rises above standard exercise bikes because it is variable. This makes it more like the feel of a road bike.

The warranty lasts 12 months and includes replacement parts. Which is fair enough, it doesn’t include labor as the parts are fairly easy to interchange. The warranty is in keeping with this price range and you need to usually pay closer to $800-1K to get longer warranties. For example the Airdyne Pro.

Before discussing the pros and cons to inform your buying decision there is something that stands out about this bike. Customers love it. The reviews it is getting are exemplary.

Bike Breakdown

Made of heavy grade steel this bike is firmly planted and totally gets rid of the vibration and wobble that plagues exercise bikes, especially at top speed.

This bike has a strong crank (lever that turns wheel where foot pedals attach) and a robust 26 pound flywheel. This is a good weight, the heavier the flywheel, generally the better the bike.

Heavy flywheels reduce vibration and make circular pedaling motions more fluid. Bikes with lighter flimsy flywheels are noisy, clunky and more prone to shake. It’s like anything, if it’s made with cheap parts, don’t expect quality.

That isn’t the case here. The stability is extended further with floor levelers which which keep the bike from swaying on uneven surfaces.

Your feet can be securely strapped into the aluminium cage pedals. You can use the clips just or for more security you can also use the straps. Some bikes have anti-slip pedals, these have straps.

These are really effective if you are working at intense speeds and want the security that your feet will not slip out, which can throw off all your momentum and cause you to bang the sensitive parts of your body on the frame, or even come off altogether.

These pedals work with normal athletic shoes, which will be fine for most people, even outdoor cyclists. If you prefer to use clipless pedals with spd cleats this option is not available.

Professional or elite cyclists would normally prefer this option. Then again they would normal prefer more expensive bikes. This bike is not designed for professional road cyclists, but for anyone who loves spin classes, or just wants an upright bike to get fit, without damaging their joints.

For those of you who like to hunch forwards when the intensity rises you can rest your arms on the elbow supports to take off some of the strain.

Exercise bikes are compact creatures, they offer a space affordable workouts, and the Pooboo measures 43.8 x 21.6 x 48.1 inches.

The brake and resistance are operated by a dial just under the handlebars. Push it in to operate the emergency brake. There is plenty of knee room so you have freedom to pedal.

There is space to attach your phone or tablet with the supplied bracket if you find exercise boring without visual stimulation. The LCD monitor displays these stats: speed, distance, and calories burned.

The base model here is the D525. Pooboo also have more expensive bikes in their range with heavier flywheels. The top line model has a 35 pound flywheel, see here. It also uses a metal chain to transfer your pedal power to the flywheel, which is a step up from the belt drive system.

Improvements Needed

There is a cable running from the flywheel to the monitor. The instructions are unclear as to how to best install it as it runs up the frame to the monitor. You can remove a few screws and run it through the gap in the flywheel to tidy it up.

Why Are Customers Loving Their Pooboo D525 Exercise Bike?

  • Very Heavy and easy to assemble
  • Aluminum pedals grip well without cages
  • Seat is well padded and comfortable
  • Stunning in appearance
  • Works great on uneven flooring
  • Feels very similar to road cycling

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