Body-Solid EXM 3000 Home Gym- Will It Build Your Muscle Empire?

Home gyms that offer multiple stations and a wide range of exercises make a lot of sense for a lot of people in today’s fast-paced world. The Body-solid is a another one of these multifunction, all-in-one weight machines that feature various stations, giving you a complete gym-like workout experience right at home.

Body-Solid EXM 3000 Offers At Home Convenience and a Multitude of Exercises

For busy folks, it’s way more convenient that way. You don’t have to pack up your gear and head to a public gym, only to wait your turn for the machine of your choice. You can dress any way you choose and avoid the commute altogether.

Body Solid’s EXM 3000 has multiple stations for a full body workout. Included is an incline press, bench press, shoulder press, and arm press station and more. There’s also a perfect pec station with range limiters to help you achieve deeper muscle penetration and more defined results quicker.

Built To Serve You For Years

The entire structure of this Home Gym is constructed of heavy duty steel with a nonslip rubber encased footplate to stabilize it in place. Adequate padding is provided on the bench and is specially contoured for lumbar support, so you don’t hurt your back while working out. For those of us with back issues – this is a huge plus.

Workout Together

The body solid EXM 3000 home gym is a multi-station workout machine that’s a real workhorse. It can accommodate up to three users simultaneously – with gym quality strength training – although it’s probably best suited for two people at once. If you’re like me, it’s great to have a friend or partner  to workouts with, You can challenge and motivate each other, so you both can build strength and grow fitter over time.

This machine includes two separate 210 pound weight stacks. Both are within easy reach for quick and efficient weight selection. So you and your workout partner can each use a stack and do the same repetitions if you want. Though with such a wide range of possibility – that’s certainly not a requirement.

Got The Space Required To Fit This Into Your Home?

One potential problem is finding a spare room that fits the machine. Many basement rooms are simply too small for this kind of equipment. Usually it’s a ceiling issue, but lots of older homes have rooms that are on the small size too. You’ve got the check your room size and height clearance and find a good location in advance.

There’s no question that this all-in-one home workout center takes up a considerable amount of space. The actual dimensions of this gym once assembled are as follows: 73 inches wide x 91 inches long x 83 inches in height. And you’ll need a minimum of 3 feet clearance on all sides of the gym to fully access all the options easily and safely. The weight of the machine is 947 pounds.

Some people overlook this critical dimension of exterior space. But it’s a critical factor if you want to work out in relative comfort and have access to all the various stations and accessories. You’ll need a decent sized room – for example, a 14 foot x 16 foot room – with an 8 foot ceiling. That kind of space will accommodate the Body-Solid EXM 3000 machine handily and you’ll be able to workout quite comfortably.

Solid Value And Years of Use

If you want a rugged, all-in-one machine that’s going to serve you for years to come, you ought to consider this one. One reviewer states that he’s used his almost daily for more than seven years and it’s still in excellent condition. Clearly the Body Solid is a solid investment. I think most would agree that if you could get 7 good years out of your exercise equipment – it would represent good value for your hard-earned money.

Some of the more notable features of the EXM 3000 include the heavy gauge steel used for the frame any the material used on the seat cover. Body Solid  doesn’t skimp on quality and that’s a big reason why these tend to last forever.

What To Expect From Your EXM 3000 Home Gym

When you first take delivery, be aware that there will be several boxes – maybe 15 in total. Having separate boxes makes it much more manageable from a weight perspective, but it requires a lot of sorting and organizing before you get started putting it together.

Take A Weekend

Figure on spending a weekend on the assembly. You can probably do it in one full day with help. But you may want to test everything out and tweak it the following day. Whatever you do – don’t rush the process. It’s important that you get everything together the way it was designed. When you do so, it’ll pay off in spades.

Pack Some Tools – And Your Patience

You’ll need a few tools to get your EXM 3000 gym assembled, including a good rubber mallet, screwdriver, and a quality socket set. Be aware before you begin that assembly requires a great amount of patience and some mechanical savvy wouldn’t hurt either.

There is no written description provided with the assembly directions. Instead, what you’re given is a series of diagrams and you have to figure it out.

The other option is to outsource the installation and set-up. Since the assembly instructions themselves are horrible, that’s not a bad option – although it will cost you extra, so you’ll have to factor that into your budget.

Unless you’ve built of these before (the exact same model) it’s going to take you a while to get the machine set up just right. The good news is, that  once you’re there – you’ve got something that is going to be tremendously useful to you over the coming years.

There’s no doubt that the Body Solid is a versatile high-quality home gym. For those of us who prefer working out at home it gives you everything you’d get there – without actually going to the gym.

Do It In Stages

Assemble the frame and make it somewhat stable and secure. Don’t fully tighten any pulley wheels until you run and check the cables. To do so will only create extra work for yourself. Just put the nuts in place and hand tighten them until you can run the cables and double-check everything to make sure it’s functioning as it should. Then tighten everything down for good.

It’s also a good idea to add some general-purpose grease to all the vertical bars that slide. This reduces friction and makes it easier to load and unload, allowing for the free movement of the weight plates.

Design Your Own Complete Workout Multiple Ways

Once you start using the home gym you’ll realize what a excellent investment it is. Adjustments are easy to make and going from one exercise to the next is a breeze. It’s got pretty much everything you could ask for in a home gym and it’s good quality at a reasonable price.

For most people this is more than enough equipment and it’s going to serve your needs for a number of years. Hard-core weightlifters might feel a little shortchanged on weight when using the leg press. But again, for most people, it likely wont ever be an issue.

Durability That’s Hard To Beat

What’s particularly notable about this exercise machine is its durability. A number of buyers have stated that they’ve owned their machines for 3 to 10 years and the product is still operating as it was when it was new. That’s encouraging – and not something we often hear when talking about exercise equipment.

Injury Recovery Is A Hidden Benefit

The EXM 3000 is an ideal piece of exercise equipment to use when recovering from injuries. When you have to go easy on yourself and gradually ease back into your exercise routine to strengthen muscles you haven’t used in weeks, this machine can really help where regular free weights cannot.

Not For Everybody

There are a number of exercises you can perform on this single machine. That means you can add variety and exercise every muscle group.

But casual exercisers wouldn’t be interested in such a machine. It’s designed more for hard-core weightlifters who are committed to bodybuilding. With seven different workout stations, plenty of weight, and a number of different exercises this home gym offers a wide range of functionality and options. It will give you the most gym-like experience you can find.

Special features include: dual 210 pound weight stacks, double-thick and double-stitched pads and rollers, high pulley system with a lat bar, leg press and calf station, leg extension and leg curl station, ab crunch and mid pulley system, pectoral and deltoid station, and power tower.

It’s large and heavy and it takes up plenty of room so it’s not something you’re going to move around once  assembled. It’s going to stay put and you’re going to need plenty of space for it.

Lifetime Warranty

Used it home, the Body-Solid EXM 3000 Home Gym comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s reassuring to know that the manufacturer is willing to confidently stand behind their product to such a degree.

This lifetime warranty applies to the overall frame, guide rods, plates, and welds. There’s a two year warranty on all bushings, bearings, hardware, and pulleys and a one year warranty on grips, upholstery, cables, and all other components.

One of the biggest advantages of the body solid EXM 3000 LPS home gym is that you get a complete variety of workout options. So you can mix it up to your hearts content. With seven different stations and multiple exercises on each – the sky’s the limit.

What Buyers Love Most

  • It’s rock-solid and stable
  • It’s as comfortable to use as exercise equipment can be
  • Good grips for a solid grasp
  • Strong vinyl covers to increase the longevity of padded seats and backrest
  • Double stitching reinforced seams on upholstery
  • Double padded backrest for better comfort and support
  • Huge variety of exercises are available
  • Features 2 independent weight stacks totalling 420 pounds
  • Weights are readily adjustable using magnetic pins for reliability and safety
  • Gives bodybuilders a complete whole body workout at home

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • It’s a big and heavy machine (there’s no way it can be moved once assembled, so you’re pretty well stuck with a single location
  • It requires a large room in your home
  • It’s not a cheap piece of equipment
  • It’s a challenge to assemble (instructions are somewhat confusing
  • Some people report having missing pieces (mostly nuts and bolts) – This isn’t a huge problem if you live close to a Lowe’s or Home Depot. But if you’re out in the country, it could be a major inconvenience.

Do You Need This In Your Life?

Sure, the Body-Solid EXM 3000 is a big and bulky machine that takes up plenty of space. The quality of the build is unmistakable. It features solid welds a sturdy frame comfortable padding and a nice finish.

What it provides you is an excellent gym experience with dozens of different exercises and plenty of weights – plus, the ability for up to three to use the machine at the same time. With a little planning, it provides an excellent opportunity to work out with your spouse or a friend and keep each other motivated.

The EXM 3000 a professional gym type piece of equipment that can make a tremendous difference in your life – if you use it consistently. It’s up multi-station workout machine that’s a real workhorse. It’s well-constructed with remarkable versatility and a consistently smooth motion. And it’s not limited in its ability you can expand your routine and mix-and-match exercises to develop every muscle of your body. It’s a secure and quality piece of equipment.

There are clear and definable results when you pay this kind of money for quality equipment and use it consistently. Do this and you will get the results you want.