Bowflex Treadmills – Results Series Review

Bowflex has 2 amazing treadmills in it’s aptly named Results range, the weirdly named BXT116 and BXT216.

These treadmills are for fitness buffs who take their running seriously. Featuring 3.75 and 4.0 CHP motors respectively, there is plenty of power output to handle long running sessions around the clock from all running enthusiasts in your home.

Results treadmills are designed to work with minimal maintenance effort. The belts are constructed from long lasting 3 ply rubber which you never have to treat with wax or hopefully never replace. They are designed for miles and miles of consistent use.

Take A Closer Look At The Results Series

If you only want a treadmill for walking or casual jogging this will be overkill unless you demand the highest of quality from your gym gear.

Compared to other treadmills in this price range only the T series from NordicTrack features machines that have larger display consoles. They go as high as 14 inches whereas these 2 models have 7.5 inch and 9 inch monitors.

Saying that Bowflex take a different approach here, they have larger rollers which measure 2.75 inches. Larger rollers are better for extending the life of your machine. They do this by protecting the bearings and motors from overheating and they help eliminate vibrations from the machine when the belt is turning at a frenetic pace.

This size of roller is found in commercial gyms where the treadmills will get serious use and the owners obviously want the treadmill to last! Thankfully you can have the same durable design in your home treadmill.

Another thing Bowflex have made this range more appealing with is a higher incline slope, the elevation is 15%. A feature like this is usually only found on treadmills with a $2-3K price tag.

Not just reliant on pulse grip handles for checking your bpm, a wireless telemetry chest strap is included with each of these models. This is way more accurate that handles, which quite frankly can give crazy off-the-chart readings.

The running deck measures 20 x 60 inches on the BXT116, and 22 x 60 inches on the BXT216, which is average for treadmills in this price range. You have almost 2 feet x 5 feet of width to run in which provides a descent level of space.

These treadmills also have usb charging ports for your phones and tablets. It seems it should be pretty standard now, but the fact is, it ain’t.

The max user weight is 375 and 400 pounds. This is very high and testament to the durability of them as usually 3-350 is the max on most other brands at this price level. Given that these treadmills fold (which can reduce stability) this is quite an accomplishment.

The top speed of both is 12 mph, which is great for high paced running. Accomplished marathon runners average 10 mph, elite athletes 12 mph and upwards.

Workout Variety

Workout variety is always a bit of a misnomer when it comes to treadmills, especially as you can override everything by running in manual and doing basically what you want.

But for those moments when you don’t want to think about anything you can choose between 9 workouts on the cheaper model 116 model or 11 on the 216 model.

Workouts can be extended with the RunSocial App. It’s much cheaper than iFit but isn’t as vast. The app is free but you have to pay for routes. There are only 19 so far and can cost up to $9.99 each.

Route destinations are from Killarney in Dublin (beautiful picturesque, open air terrain), to the Swiss Alps, and it even takes in an actual marathon course in Prague.

Well if you were to download all routes the costs are comparable to iFit, though iFit has 16,000 workout modules, so it represents more value if you want to completely embrace the interactive route.

The RunSocial app is not as good as iFit. If the main reason for you owning a treadmill is to track your progress online this is a breeze with iFit. There is nothing like checking your progress over the weeks and months to see if you are on track.

Another area where iFit trumps is the excitement it offers in terms of runny trails, city, coastal and country routes, and the sheer volume of personal trainer led classes will soon whip you into shape. If this is what you are after, a NordicTrack treadmill is your go-to.

You can even take part in virtual races. Who says you can’t compete on your own?

Warranty Sets Bowflex Apart

What is great to see is the longer warranties Bowflex have provided with these treadmills. 5 years is provided for the motor and the electronics, a massive 15 years on the frame and an impressive 2 years for parts and labor. That exudes supreme confidence from the brand, they certainly are putting their money where there mouth is.

It’s not surprising Bowflex have managed to make an exceptional treadmill range, they are after all owned by fitness giants Nautilus who have been around for decades and have so many successful products like the Max Trainer M3, M5 & M7 under their belts.

Bowflex also make many famous home gyms and ingenious weight changing dumbbells.

Difference Between The BXT116 and BXT216

Bowflex BXT116 Bowflex BXT216
Top Speed12 mph12 mph
Interactive & Tracking AppsRunSocialRunSocial
Console7.5 inch backlit display9.5 in backlit display
Motor3.75 CHP4.0 CHP
BPM MonitorContact Grips & Wireless strapContact Grips & Wireless strap
Running Deck20 in x 60 in22 in x 60 in
USB Charging PortYesYes
Full Review HereFull Review Here

Verdict- Should You Take One Home?

The RunSocial app has still some nice interactive features and it is only going to get better. It is nowhere near the quality of iFit but it is cheap, and there is no subscription costs.

These treadmills are a solid investment for those who like to train hard on the treadmill. Maxing out at 15% elevation and with a top speed of 12 mph you can get some serious training done.

They also have extremely powerful motors, toughened commercial grade belts, and rollers and exceptional warranties to back it all up.

If you demand long term training and return from your expensive purchases the Results Series provides exactly that.

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