Fat Gripz- Want Forearms Like Popeyes?

If owning freakily big sized forearms are your thing, and you want to get them in the shortest time possible, then Fat Gripz provides the solution. It’s quite easy to strain the wrist and elbow flexors by doing wrist and forearm curls. I pulled both of mine at the same time as I was training ... Read more

Ancheer 2 in 1 Desk Treadmill Review

Walking is one of the safest ways to get fit. It is one of the least taxing activities to do but with busy lifestyles not everyone has the time to do it. That's where a treadmill desk like the Ancheer 2 in 1 comes in, it allows you to go walking when you have time, ... Read more

Teeter EP-560-EP-970: Are They Better Than Cheaper Rivals?

Some inversion tables have done amazing things in terms of relieving back pain in thousands of ordinary peoples homes. They are providing a better quality of life for anyone than suffers from chronic pain and can't go to the physio each time they have vertebrae issues. There is only one brand that is FBA backed ... Read more

Pooboo Exercise Bike Review

With a cute little name like Pooboo you'd expect this to be a tame little spin bike. Not so. This is one sturdy beast, it has a max user weight of 330 pounds which pays testament to that. The resistance rises above standard exercise bikes because it is variable. This makes it more like the ... Read more