Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty Training

I have always sticked closely to the principles of Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty training. Just to keep fresh I have tried other techniques and routines, but even in new full blown routines I have always adapted the less is more approach. This is, and isn't what high intensity heavy duty training is all about. Less ... Read more

Optimal Training Frequency For Building Muscle Over 40

Training frequency and style is one of the biggest topics of contention in bodybuilding. Should you train every day, use full body routines, split routines, heavy duty, high volume training, interval training, and/or a hybrid-personal method? The choices are unending. In the modern age the emphasis has switched towards training each body part once or ... Read more

Ironmaster 75 lb Adjustable Dumbbells & Stand - Best Choice For Your Home Gym?

One of the design problems with adjustables dumbbells is that they just don't look like regular dumbbells. That is until you see an Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell. It looks just like the regular thing. Choosing a dumbbell set comes down to price, ease of use and effectiveness. If you've ever used a dumbbell before using Ironmasters ... Read more

PowerBlock Dumbbells - Are These The Real Deal?

PowerBlock have been making adjustable dumbbells in the USA since 1991. Along with Bowflex they have taken the hassle out of owning dumbbell racks for lots of home gym owners, where space and cost is at a premium. Along with Bowflex they are market leaders are extremely well respected. Powerblock dumbbells aren't as long as ... Read more