Is The Bowflex 840 Kettlebell The Ultimate Bell?

The Bowflex 840 Kettlebell is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. You can Swing into action with this one adjustable bell,  which offers 6 different weights at once in one portable package.

Save room in your gym and choose the weight that you need with just the twist of a single dial, allowing you to gain maximum-body conditioning in the privacy of your own home. 

With the 840 Kettle bell, you will combine power and cardio in one simple, quick, effective exercise, helping you build lean muscle, burn calories, and improve your mental and physical performance.

In the simplest of terms, a kettle bell is a heavy weighted object that is thrown back and forth by hand and arm movements. It has been used for hundreds of years for both military exercises and for bodybuilding purposes. The 840 Kettle bell will allow you to build strength, stamina, and overall strength.

The bell has a bowl shape to it that allows for an even distribution of the weight. Each weight is between fourteen to twenty-five pounds and has an adjustable weight setting that can be used for weight loss, body building, or a combination of both. 

The bell features a padded handle to provide maximum comfort while training.

The bell is made from high quality, rugged, and long-lasting aluminum. The bowl shape allows for the maximum use of the weight, which provides a high level of support. The weight is selectable with an easy-to-use, intuitive control dial.

840 Comforts

The adjustable kettle bell is one of the newest and most sought-after training aids on the market. Designed for home use, it features a single-handed throw with a single finger that gives you total body conditioning.

 It also comes with a built-in balance pad that allows for safe, even use in any space. The bell is designed for use with only a few pounds to build up to over twenty-five pounds.

As you progress in your workout, the Adjustable Bowflex 840 Kettle Bell allows you to add more weights for additional strength and conditioning.

 You can choose from light to heavy weights and use the turn of the knob to adjust the load to a challenging range of weight to boost your strength or cardio.

Once the bell has been adjusted to the right weight, you simply place it in your hands and begin to swing your arms back and forth while holding them. 

When you reach the highest weight, you release the bell and it will return to its original position. It can be used as a single-handed kettle bell, a double-handed kettle bell, or used in combination with other weighted bells.

It is recommended that you begin your workout with a twenty-minute session using the Adjustable Bowflex 840 Kettle Bell. You can then add one to two hours every day to increase the intensity, but it is important to note that you should only use the bell one at a time. 

This type of workout requires minimal equipment to begin with so as a beginner, it is recommended that you start out with a small amount.

The 840 offers an excellent way to strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles. These muscles are crucial to preventing injury, as well as building the strength to complete a full-body workout.

Improve your Deadlift Technique

Kettlebell swings are amazing assistance exercises for your dedlift. They provide the exact same movement needed to perform a deadlift if you pull from the ground.

They fire the hams, glutes and lats. They also offer a safe warm-up, and an alternative to the deadlift itself, on your off days, or if you have injured your back.

If you’ve never performed a deadlift before, practising on a bell for several weeks will build up your strength. It is also a fantastic means for a coach or training partner to check your form. 

You can even record yourself on your phone and check your technique. pulling from the floor with a kettlebell is the same as lowering your body to the bar on a regular deadlift.

You need to prevent your lower back from rounding. It is also an excellent way of building up your hamstring flexibility so you can lower your hands to the handle without looking down towards the bell, which can round your lower back.

The kettle bell allows you to develop the lower and upper body co-ordination that is essential to know to prevent injuring your back.

More To kettlebells than Deadlifts

The bell comes with a full body ten-week program, including a one-week warm-up routine. During this time, you should begin to gradually increase the weights as you learn how to properly execute the exercise. There is so much more to a kettlebell than kettlebell swings.

You can work every muscle in the body practically, and isolate the shoulders, biceps, calves and even back. You can also perform bench presses with bells and perform them one arm at a time to fix muscle and strength imbalances.

The kettlebell has been used by the Russian military for decades and it is an essential tool for building power, devastating speed and flexibility. Check one of the worlds leading kettle bell trainers, Pavel Tsatsouline, for a wide variety of total body exercises.

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