The Importance of Strength Training for Those Aged 30 – 40+

Is weight lifting the key to a long and healthy life? According to the research, it may be! Research has shown strength training to offer a multitude of life-enhancing benefits that play a direct role in our standard of living during middle and old age. Of course, we aren’t 20 forever so before jumping into … Read more

Weight Loss Workouts for Women Over 50

Hitting 50 is a huge milestone and one that should be celebrated. It’s also a time many people take to reflect on their past and look forward to the future. For women, it marks the start of an important phase in their life, the menopause. This can bring out many physical changes, one of which … Read more

3 Exercises That Reduce Muffin Tops

Gaining a few unwanted pounds is never ideal, especially if it’s around the hips. For many of us, this is the first place fat tends to go on, and the last place to leave. This can make our unwanted muffin tops tricky to get rid of, but not impossible! Despite what some people say, spot … Read more

HIIT Workout For Over 30s & 40s

hiit workout

The benefits of exercise is constantly been preached to us, but despite this, many people continue to live a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, it is believed around 30% of the world’s population don’t get enough exercise (Kohl HW 3rdet al., 2012). This is a staggering amount considering the multitude of incredible mental and physical benefits … Read more