Foam Rolling FAQs -Decrinkle Those Wrinkles & De-Stress Tight Muscles

Q1. What Is foam rolling? Foam rollers can restore range of motion and relieve stiffness, swelling, reduce inflammation and pain and improve circulation across muscles and tendons. It is a form of massage known as myofascial release. Foam rollers are made of densely packed foam, usually expanded rubber or EVA. Your muscles are covered, connected … Read more

Using A Foam Roller On The Lower Back

Foam Rolling

This article looks at the pros and cons of using a foam roller on the lower back. Stick around for some useful exercise techniques for the back, neck, shoulders and legs.  For a complete foam roller guide see our Foam Roller FAQ page. Now to get on-topic. Should you use a foam roller before, during … Read more

The Best Compact & Space Saving Ellipticals

If space is not a luxury you possess but you still want to fit in a good workout without leaving your hub, then you need a machine that is small, or that folds away won’t take up half your living quarters. Compact ellipticals are ideal for small homes and apartments and are thankfully a lot easier on the joints than … Read more