How to Perform a Dumbbell Row

The one-arm dumbbell row is an excellent addition to your back workout. This exercise targets the lower and upper back, arms, shoulders, traps, lats, and core stability while also increasing core strength. There are five main joint actions occurring during this compound movement.

First, grab a bench so you can place a knee on it for support. Allow the weight to hang down whilst you maintain a straight back. See the video here of Jeff performing the movement.

The dumbbell is brought to the elbow flexion point on the opposite side of the body. At this point, the weight is then brought back to the starting position and held there for a moment. At the end of this pause, the weight is brought back to the starting position to repeat the process. This is referred to as the “locked arm exercise.”

A little Sway goes A long Way

You do not necessarily have to keep locked in on the bench in such a strict fashion. A little momentum really help[s in this exercise. Keeping super strict will severely limit the amount of weight you can lift, and the back will grow a lot bigger if you lift heavier. Do not use so much momentum that you have to jerk the weight up. This will do nothing for your back growth.

Remember if you are using a slight swaying motion to power the weight upwards make sure the weight is brought down to the locked final position for a controlled stretch. The dumbbell row provides several benefits. First, it improves core strength, which is useful in a variety of athletic endeavors such as running, jumping, throwing, lifting weights, and more.

The one-arm dumbbell row targets the lower and upper back equally. This strengthens the abdominals, obliques, and glutes, helping support for the spine while performing a wide variety of exercises. This can be used with or without weight.

Why Row?

The row also provides strength carry over to a lot of other exercises which will be beneficial for nearly every other lift you can perform in the gym. When performed with dumbbells, the dumbbell row can help increase strength, muscle, power, flexibility, power, balance, and overall endurance.

Dumbbell rows provide a great exercise for people who want to increase their strength in all parts of the body. They are easy to perform, safe if done with correct posture, easy on joints, and can be used to improve various muscle groups. This is especially useful for those looking to increase muscle size, while toning and increasing strength. For someone new to strength training, dumbbell exercises are ideal because they’re simple to learn and can be repeated multiple times throughout the day with minimal risk of injury.

If you can’t get to the gym dumbbells are relatively inexpensive. They are extremely versatile and won’t take up a lot of your space. You can buy adjustable dumbbells will will give you one set which can change into up to 15 pairs of dumbbells, in the case of Bowflex 552’s for instance.

For a few hundred dollars you can’t replace a dumbbell rack costing about $1000.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced weight training veteran, the one-arm dumbbell row can be used effectively in most fitness and training programs. You will notice that as you’re fitness level increases, you will be able to perform more exercises more efficiently. This will lead to a more effective training regimen and a leaner and muscular body.

Complimentary Muscle Groups

One of the first things you should do before you begin any strength training workouts is to find out what muscle group you need to target during your routine. Some muscles require more work than others, so before beginning a weight training workout program you must identify the muscles you need to focus on first. In order to achieve maximum results with your exercise routine, you should choose a specific target for each muscle group. Also, you must take note of how often you will be doing the exercises.

Many people like to follow a system that works complimentary muscle groups together, like the push pull system. The back muscles can easily be combined with the biceps on a training day. With this you are working muscles that are used to pull the weights. The opposite are the push muscles, like the chest and triceps.

Dumbbell exercises are easy to do, yet effective. You can do them several times per day, or several times per week without getting into overload. If you are just getting started with a strength training program, the one-arm dumbbell row is usually sufficient to get you started on your way. For those that wish to add a little more to their routine, you may want to start using a barbell, and machines.

Before you start a strength training routine, be sure to warm up first by light stretching or a few minutes on the bike to get the blood flowing through your muscles. After that, begin with some light exercises.

After your initial warm up, you can then move on to more intense exercises such as push-ups, sit ups, squats, leg lifts, and more to complete your weight training workouts. The next time you lift the weights, you can continue your routine, adding weight as needed and adding to your current exercises.