Lower Back Pain Gone After Targeted Spinal Release

I have suffered from lower back pain since my mid teens right now in my forties. I have tried lots of back pain relief programs over the years and spent a fortune on physios and chiropractors.

It's only when i became educated about mobility and posture from the likes of uber physical therapist Kelly Starett (Becoming A Supple Leopard) and kinesiologist and exercise therapist Rick Kaselj that i thought there must be a better way than throwing good money after bad to fix this problem.

Recently after an MRI that gave me the amazing diagnosis I have deterioration in my spinal discs -L4 & L5. My caring and forward thinking doctor advised me to sit correctly and do yoga without advising any kind of therapy or rehabilitation routine. I've always been one to take things into my own hands so i started to dig a little deeper than You Tube videos for my research.

Not knocking YouTube, but unless you know what you specifically have and understand your physiology you will only adopt a try anything approach and get a general view of what will work for you or not.

My Back Pain Breakthrough

Anything I had tried before would alleviate some of the pain and help with some of the stiffness I had, but nothing has alleviated the pain as much as this back pain breakthrough video program called Targeted Spinal Release I purchased for a paltry sum of something like $20.

A single physio session can cost double. This program has been designed by Steve Young and its not long winded. What i like about it is Steve explains some of the various problems you tend to have with lower back pain.

This is all done on video, and then he demonstrates exercises to do based on your problem and also explains the reason why you need to do them. The videos are also quite short and to the point which suited my short attention span just fine.

Upon watching the videos I remember thinking nothing clicked like this in any of back pain relief  programs I'd purchased before or even on You Tube general mobility videos. But the proof is not just in the theory for me, it's in the action.

First up let me explain what led me to searching out this course in the first place.

I have pulled my back for the millionth time a few months back. I wasn't in the gym, in fact I had taken about a month off due to family and work commitments. Having 5 kids at 43 will do that to you. I was still training bjj and the odd MMA session. I wasn't going too hard at either. Through recent long hours sitting at work my lower back got stiffer over the weeks.

Then one day i was bending over and not even to pick up anything heavy off the floor, and it popped. I knew though this time it was different, it was more painful. I did all my usual mobility drills and stretches but the pain stil lingered.

At night when I went to bed it got worse. My back strains always get worse in the morning after i sleep. But this time my back was actually very painful in bed, like it was sinking into the mattress.

Eventually I had to resort to what worked in the past for me - sleeping on a hard floor. I tried this, and for the first time ever it got worse. I knew I had to do something different.

Just about this time one of the strength coaches i follow sent a message into my inbox showing Leonardo da Vinci's famous sketched drawing of the spine. The subject line said something like can this 500 year old drawing hold the key to back pain. 

I clicked through thinking this would be high on fluff, but the more i read the sales page the more i was intrigued. I checked the price and it was so low so i clicked the add to cart button still not thinking much.

btw here's Steve in Action here

Why Looking For Instant Back Pain Relief Sets You Up To Fail

Everybody is always looking instant back pain relief from medications or physio and mobility sessions but 9 times out of 10 they don't address the root cause of the problem.

If you can't isolate what is or has over the years caused your back pain problems, mobility, posture or NSAIDs will only work for a short time, if at all. If you are 40+ you will be more prone to back pain in the first place and this short program addresses just that.

If you are dealing with lower back pain or sciatica on a daily basis you are about to find some much needed relief. If you leave the problem too long the only viable alternative is surgery.

What The Targeted Spinal Release Program Contains

There are 6 video masterclasses which show you how to use the Targeted Spinal Release system. There is also a 13 page ebook manual which provides all the details including what is causing your back pain. The specific exercises outlined in the course are also displayed in the ebook as well as in the videos.

There is a bonus 22 page ebook which contains some tips to prevent getting into bad posture habits and some diet advice that can help reduce inflammation. Great for keeping you from getting back pain in the first place. I have applied the techniques for sitting at my computer and I'm thankful i did.

The beauty of this program is the lack of intrusion is has on your life. The minimal input you need is to do the exercises as soon as you wake up in the morning, once during the day (don't worry there is nothing that will embarrass you, and you don't need equipment, training mats or sportswear), and last thing before going to bed at night.

All you need to invest is a 3-5 minutes 3 times a day. That is all i have done with this and it's all i've needed.

90% of my back pain has gone.